What you’ll find here is

  • a tried and tested method for organizing a film study group among your friends, associates or fellow film society/community cinema members (or a mixture of any of the above)
  • a well worked out programme of informal study based on Mark Cousins’ acclaimed series of essay films The Story of Film: An Odyssey
  • free sets of study and guidance notes that have been trialled* to ensure their effectiveness
  • a way of registering your group to receive ongoing support.

Get the Picture is a small group of film education activists dedicated to the proposition that informal film education should be freely available to everyone, everywhere. For more information about the Get the Picture partnership click here.

The methods and materials available on this site have been shown to provide a group learning experience that is both effective and pleasurable. To find out more go on to the How it Works page.

Apologies if you’ve contacted us recently and not heard anything back. Please try again with the new contact or registration forms.

* Get the Picture thanks the British Federation of Film Societies (BFFS) for facilitating the setting up of trials groups, which were drawn from members of UK film societies.